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Interspersed is a combat driven, action-adventure game. Set in a fractured and broken world, you must fight otherworldly enemies using their own power against them, in hopes to restore the land and save the realm from destruction. 

Story Description: 

Runicia was a realm of beautiful colour and tranquil surroundings; peaceful and prosperous in it's splendour. Its inhabitants enjoying a lax and comfortable life.

Until the rift's arrived.

Once vibrant forest's split and cracked into something deadlier, eviler. Great crystals rose from the once fertile land overnight, polluting baleful energies that caused grotesque mutation on those unfortunate's nearby. Yet worst of all was not the rifts themselves. Rather what came from within them...

The people of Runicia called this ancient horror, 'The Abyssal.' And there was no better name, for this enemy was unknown, relentless, and destructively pitiless in the extreme. Their singular purpose to destroy and defile. 

Runicia's land cracked and split upon the arrival of the rifts, forming chunks of rock that now spiral amidst the void. These 'floating islands' are all that remain of a realm pushed to the brink. A realm in need of a hero, a fighting chance to save everything before it's too late.

This is where Edward's story begins, such a tale this young man has yet to tell. Perhaps you will be the one to guide him? With such ancient power at your command...what new world could you make?


Controls can be found in-game in the controls menu.

PC Control Scheme:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • Left Ctrl - Walk
  • C - Slide
  • Mouse - Look
  • LMB - Melee/Fire (While Aiming)
  • RMB - Aim
  • Q - Mode Switch
  • R - Special Ability
  • 1 - Crystal Arm
  • 2 - Slime Arm
  • ESC - Menu

Xbox Controller Control Scheme:

  • Left Stick - Movement
  • A - Jump
  • Press in Left Stick - Sprint
  • Press in Right Stick - Walk
  • B - Slide
  • Right Stick - Look
  • RT - Melee/Fire (While Aiming)
  • LT - Aim
  • X - Mode Switch
  • Y - Special Ability
  • Up D-Pad - Crystal Arm
  • Right D-Pad - Slime Arm
  • Menu Button - Menu


Developed by The Beetroot Brotherhood


  • Matt Harvey
  • Otto Jacobi


  • Lenny Chilcott
  • Harry Crowe
  • Alfred King


  • Georgi Aleksandrov
  • Melanie Griffiths


  • Cat Phillips
  • Adam Arnett

Music and Sound Design:

  • Rhys Lampard


  • Lenny Chilcott
  • Alfred King

Voice Acting:

  • Lenny Chilcott
  • Alfred King
  • Georgi Aleksandrov
  • Melanie Griffiths
  • Rhys Lampard

Special Thanks:

  • Harry King


Interspersed V1.0.8.7z 965 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the Zip file
  • Extract the Zip file and run the Interspersed application
  • Have Fun :)

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