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‘Codeslicer’ is a first-person hack-and-slash set in a cyberpunk world. The experience focuses on a tightly knit gameplay loop that bridges your every move into one continuous flow. With the help of your state-of-the-art blade, effortlessly slice to your heart’s content - through anything, and anyone, that may stand in your way. Leave behind your own trail of destruction; your helpful companion will deal with the clean-up!

Join the cause against the totalitarian Maxim Corporation! After years of covert harm to the lower city of Elysium, you've discovered the terrible truth behind their 'climb the ladder' work system. Now, armed with their latest stolen invention - a state of the art prototype sword - a way to bring down their puppet empire is within reach.

Slice and dice with Directional Slicing!

Clean up with your buddy, Cable!

Kick off walls!

Dash across gaps!

Slay your foes with an Ultimate Slice!


CodeSlicer V1.2.8.7z 1.8 GB
CodeSlicer V1.2.9.7z 1.8 GB


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I've been looking for first-person-slashers since Ghostrunner came out. Codeslicer looked like an interesting addition for my small collection, but there are some serious problems that need to be addressed (v 1.2.9):

Unplayably slow (barely above 0fps). This might be an optimization issue, but no system requirements were given which may be helpful.

My system specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K quad-core  CPU @ 3.40GHz, 10GB RAM;  Windows 10 64b;  nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 4GB video RAM.

No invert mouse Y option:  I consider this option *Mandatory*.